Agreement For Cooperation In The Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

08 Apr Agreement For Cooperation In The Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

4. The cooperation covered in paragraph 2 of this article may take the following forms: provision of services to the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium conversion and isotopic enrichment; 4. In the event of a nuclear device explosion by a non-nuclear Member State of the Community or by Australia, the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 3 of this article apply. (1) All research conducted under this agreement is “common research.” Participants jointly develop joint technology management plans (TMPs) for the ownership and use of information and intellectual property (IP) that will be developed as part of joint research. These plans are approved by the contracting parties prior to the conclusion of specific cooperation agreements on research and development. D to which they relate. PTs are developed with the objectives of joint research, relative contributions from participants, the pros and cons of authorization by area or area of intervention, requirements imposed by existing legislation, and other factors deemed appropriate by participants. The rights and obligations of IP research developed by invited scientists are also taken into account in joint technology management plans. 6. In accordance with Article VII, paragraphs 5 and 6, any handover of objects or technologies under this agreement outside the jurisdiction of the contracting parties is carried out only within the framework of the commitments made by the governments of each Member State of the Community and by the Australian Government within the group of nuclei-providing countries known as the core supplier group.

In particular, the guidelines for nuclear transfers, in accordance with the INFCIRC/254/Rev.9/Part 1, apply to provisions for goods related to the object. 2. Nuclear materials, non-nuclear materials or equipment covered in paragraph 1 of this article are subject to the provisions of this agreement until they are established in accordance with the procedures established in accordance with Article XII of this agreement: the Community applies, in its question, safeguards based on the Euratom protection system, which provides for the effectiveness and coverage of the protection agreements provided for in paragraph 1; or, if this is not possible, consider changes to the nuclear fuel cycle program under section 1 of this schedule; 4. All transfers of nuclear materials or equipment carried out in accordance with Article 2 cooperation are in line with the relevant international and multilateral obligations of the parties and Member States of the Community with regard to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. These transfers do not require the parties to introduce and maintain specific mechanisms for tracking transfers or other transfers of these nuclear materials or equipment. 2. The costs resulting from the cooperation are borne by the party who suffers from it, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise. Nuclear materials, equipment, non-nuclear materials or nuclear materials produced as by-products can only be used for peaceful purposes; and should not be used for military purposes.

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