Biomass Supply Agreement

12 Sep Biomass Supply Agreement

You also benefit from our specialized advice from our biomass engineers on the best quality wood pellets for your boiler. As the UK`s leading supplier of wood pellets and hashes, we have a reliable and secure supply chain, which has been put under pressure by a stress test to ensure we have a sufficient supply of fuel for our customers throughout the year. Taking the time to understand your biomass boiler and the exact nature of the wood fuel it needs to operate with optimal performance is part of the process of setting up your fuel supply contract. We can also add boiler maintenance and upkeep in a combined agreement, if desired, eliminating all the operating load by maintaining your boiler. This way you can put your fuel supply and boiler operation in the hands of our experienced biomass engineers. By accosting it to a guaranteed fuel supply at fixed costs, our fuel supply contracts offer absolute security even during the harshest winters. Our fuel supply contracts cover you all year round, so you can be sure to stay warm with our high-quality wood fuel..

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