City Of Sacramento Labor Agreements

08 Apr City Of Sacramento Labor Agreements

The Office of Labor Relations is part of the County Executive Board and is responsible for promoting harmonious and cooperative working relationships between workers` organizations and the county. It belongs to the Office of Labor Relations: Any labor or compensation dispute involving another employer or any other organization must be submitted to the California Department of Industrial Relations at (916) 263-1811, as. B university/college transcripts and diplomas that must be sent online with your application, by email to or by fax until the last registration date. IDEAL CANDIDAT The City of Sacramento Human Resources Department is looking for a competent and motivated work relationship professional who joins his dynamic team as a Labor Relations Officer. Labour relations are the main contact between the city`s twelve (12) autonomous divisions and recognized labour organizations (i.e. unions) that represent municipal employees. The ideal candidate will have strong oral and written communication skills that can articulate both the city`s interests and their own understanding of a subject, to ensure clarity and coherence in their interactions; the ability to build and maintain trusting interpersonal relationships using effective conflict resolution techniques; and the ability to act as the city`s diplomatic representative in collective bargaining, disciplinary hearings, arbitration proceedings and similar locations. This position requires that the incumbent have a functional knowledge of relevant government and federal labour regulations and regulations, including, but not only, peace officers from the California Procedural Bill of Rights Act (POBR), the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act (FBOR), workers` rights in accordance with the NLRB v. Weingarten, Inc., the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA).

Under the general direction, the Minister of Labour provides advanced industrial relations; provides technical assistance and advises department heads on contract discipline and interpretation; conducts research and analysis working relationships Preparation and presentation of complaint and interest rate reconciliation procedures; Helps ensure that the city complies with contractual agreements, city employment policy and federal, regional and local laws, regulations and codes in place in the city; and will act as chief negotiator with assigned bargaining units. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This extensive travel classification is equipped with several established companies. The person in charge of the employment relationship fulfils employee relationships that, with important independent judgment, strive to achieve established objectives. The person in charge of the working relationship differs from the immediately superior classification of the manager of the working relationship by the fact that it is defined primarily by its control/management function and by the general responsibility of day-to-day work with departments and contract management.

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