Collective Bargaining Agreement Rates

08 Apr Collective Bargaining Agreement Rates

To assess the extent of social dialogue, reliable data on trade unions and trade union formation, employers` organisations, collective bargaining and labour disputes are needed. This page presents valuable statistics and studies on price coverage around the world. All negotiations that take place between an employer, a group of employers or one or more employer organizations and one or more workers` organizations to determine working conditions and conditions of employment are part of collective bargaining. The scope of collective bargaining covers all workers whose pay and/or conditions of employment are set by one or more collective agreements, including workers covered by agreements because of their extension. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are at the heart of decent work. They are the fundamental rights in the workplace and the foundations of strong working relationships and effective social dialogue. Data and indicators on union affiliation and collective agreement coverage, as well as other qualitative indicators, are important in tracking progress towards the effective implementation of these rights in the workplace. Measuring these indicators of social dialogue is also essential to assess the quality of labour relations and their impact on employment and working conditions. This guide aims to help TRIPARTITE ILO voters collect data on labour relations, including union affiliation, reports on collective agreements and strikes and lockouts. ILO thematic page on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining Our working conditions largely determine our living conditions (and those of our families), which is why it is essential to ensure adequate working conditions for all.

Social dialogue is one of the main ways to promote satisfactory working conditions, peace and social justice. It includes negotiations and consultations between the various players in the labour market, collective bargaining and dispute resolution and dispute resolution.

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