Free Trade Agreement Turkey Serbia

21 Sep Free Trade Agreement Turkey Serbia

The agreement provides that products manufactured in Serbia, i.e. products that have at least 51% added value in the country, are considered to be of Serbian origin and exported duty-free to the Russian Federation. The list of products excluded from the free trade agreement is reviewed annually. From March 2012, the list of excluded products will be poultry and edible waste, certain cheeses, sugar, champagne, ethyl alcohol, tobacco, cotton yarn and fabric, certain types of new and used compressors, tractors and passenger cars. Thanks to the new free trade agreement between the two countries, it will be possible for the first time to have duty-free export of 5,000 tons of beef per year from Serbia to the Turkish market, as well as the quotas defined for crude and refined sunflower oil, sunflower seeds and certain types of bakery products.

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