Riga, Latvia

Status: Concept Design

Airbaltic New Terminal Design Competition

Collaboration: MSB Architects

Our proposal embodies the essence of Latvia’s cultural heritage and symbolises national historical values. The result is a building comprised of a diamond grid where the diagonals manage the spatial organization, strongly related to local traditions.

Latvia has a very ancient, rich and multi-faceted culture. The traditional forms found in artwork have played and still play an important symbolic role in the preservation of national values and cultural heritage. They also create a feeling of unity amongst the people, affirming a link with the past.

It is possible that the patterns are a form of writing, a way of communicating a concept or a wish. The interpretations of these intricate patterns result in a strong geometry both in plan and elevation as if the airport would take shape from the patterns and emerge itself as a large scale sculpture.

Our aim was to deliver an airport terminal that reflects the community’s values, and exceed customer expectations. We believe that our design successfully combines airline aspirations, national charisma and its development, passenger flows and technical / operational requirements.