Funchal, Portugal

Status: Completed

Located on the touristic Lido Promenade in Funchal, the Smag Ice-cream shop covers a small footprint of only 35 m2 and is divided into four separate functions – the kitchen, customer seating area, back of house and toilets.

The concept was to design a space that would connect all four spaces seamlessly in a completely bespoke manner, making them read as one rather than a subdivision of many. To achieve this, we proposed a feature ceiling which would seamlessly blend these zones and create a strong and unforgettable identity for the ice cream shop.
Inspired by melting ice-cream, the ceiling becomes the key factor of the project, resulting in an organic surface that provides amplitude, continuity and beauty to the space. Comprised of hundreds of unique CNC cut panels, it blends the ceiling to the walls and in turn the walls to the floor, providing a sense of fluidity and continuity throughout. On one side, the wall merges to form a long bench spanning the depth of the shop.

During the day, the environment is suave and soft, whilst in the evening suspended led strip lights found in between ceiling panels provide a more dynamic contrast, guaranteeing a diverse and fresh ambiance all year round.