Achada Grande, Boaventura, Portugal

Status: Concept Design

Casas Vale Verde are located in a valley on the northern side of the island of Madeira, on land predominantly intended for agricultural purposes, surrounded by breathtaking views onto magnificent mountains and breathtaking fir forests.

The project is comprised of three small houses of agro-touristic character, each with a 50m2 footprint, located next to an organic farm which is the heart of the development. The users will be able to participate in a wide variety of activities, such as becoming acquainted to local organic food and production methods, fruit picking, feeding animals, hiking on the vast amount of trails found in the region, or simply relaxing and enjoying the views.

The three houses are built with traditional materials from the region, and the principles of sustainability are the very foundation of the concept – construction methodology, choice of materials, energy consumption and waste management, whilst guaranteeing premium quality and comfort.

The simple layout, pitched roof and the exposed rock on the exterior refer to the old “Palheiros”, which used to work as warehouses for the agricultural activity. It also reflects the picturesque character and identity of the Boaventura parish.

The generous windows make the most of the beautiful views in this magical setting, framing the views found beyond. There is a strong and seamless connection between interior and exterior, and the clean and simple layout provides a proximity with Nature – as close as you can be.