Jardim do Mar, Portugal


Located in one of the most privileged spots on Madeira Island, in the coastal town of Jardim do Mar, lies our design proposal for Vigia Arts Gallery and Restaurant. Situated on 300m2 of land, the site overlooks the main promenade of Jardim do Mar and the Atlantic Ocean.

Our design takes advantage of the sites irregular shape and steep inclination. The gallery is located at lowest level, with access directly from the promenade – one of the only arteries accessible via vehicle.

With a double height space, the gallery is designed for installations of varying dimensions, and contains a pivoting wall that gives access to technical areas behind, a reception desk, and a lift core to upper levels.

A dramatic staircase connects the gallery and promenade to bathrooms at middle level and the restaurant at top level. Access to the restaurant can also be obtained via an existing pedestrian walkway (vereda), one of the most characteristic features found in a largely pedestrianised town.

The restaurant has a show cooking concept, where the kitchen and bar are open to public viewing and boast incredible views to the ocean. Covered in a trapezoidal shaped roof, made of customized perforated aluminium panels, the kitchen and seating areas are projected with light and shadows mimicking oceanic waves. The roof line is designed in a way to continue the existing land ridge of the neighbouring land, and to minimize the buildings impact on its surroundings.

The restaurant also has an uncovered deck area to the rear for more casual events, with integrated bench and seating areas, surrounded by planting and basalt stone walls, iconic features of the Madeiran landscape.


Diagram I – Architecture axonometry


Diagram II – Exploded axonometry