Readmission Agreement Morocco

11 Apr Readmission Agreement Morocco

This document raises the question of the type of cooperation that the EU should follow with third countries. Since current approaches are not new, the authors outline the lessons of the EU`s long cooperation with Morocco to inform the current debate. They argue that the lessons learned from cooperation with Morocco show the limited feasibility and adequacy of the EU`s approach to third countries and that cooperation with third countries should not come at the expense of migrants` rights. Instead, they should open regular channels for asylum seekers and not link readmission to other areas of EU external action, on the “more for more” principle. Closer cooperation with third countries is one of the EU`s key responses to the refugee crisis. This cooperation focuses on the readmission of irregular persons to the EU, on border surveillance and control, and on the reception of refugees in third countries. Sergio Carrera is a senior research fellow and head of THE justice and home affairs division of CEPS; Jean-Pierre Cassarino researches at the Contemporary Maghreb Research Institute (IRMC, Tunis); Nora El Qadim is a professor at the University of Paris 8, Mehdi Lahlou is Professor of Economics at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (INSEA) in Rabat, Leonhard the Hertog is TRANSMIC Postdoctorand in the Justice and Home Affairs Section at CEPS. Authors: S. Carrera, J-P.

Cassarino, N. El Qadim, M. Lahlou and L. Hertog Sergio Carrera / Jean-Pierre Cassarino / Nora El Qadim / Mehdi Lahlou / Leonhard den Hertog Series: Freedom and Security in Europe No. 20 CEPS Papers in Liberty and Security in Europe offer the views and critical reflections of CEPS researchers and external staff on important political discussions on the construction of the space of freedom, security and justice. The series includes policy-oriented and interdisciplinary scientific studies and comments on the impact of judicial and domestic policies in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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