Sales Representative Confidentiality Agreement

05 Oct Sales Representative Confidentiality Agreement

The first point that needs to be clarified in a commercial contract, even if it has already been discussed, is whether the representative is an independent contractor or an employee. Download a template for business agreements and don`t be afraid to adapt these templates to your business requirements. It is important that your final contract follows all the tips mentioned above. This question arises very often and “in particular” for commercial agents who have access to national accounts price information and buyer relations. That is, you accept a position or continue your position as a sales representative and sell to international and regional accounts. The market you`re in is probably competitive and you often compete with price and the ability to offer a more comprehensive product line. This is especially true for relationships with domestic retailers who may be your customers. If your business sells a variety of products or services, you can indicate which products your representative can sell. If you want to restrict the products that a representative can sell, you must add to the agreement a complete list of authorized products and regularly update the list if the products change.

Smart contractors will make sure that there are clear reasons to terminate the contract. The basis for termination may be “well-founded” or “for convenience”. An example of dismissal “rightly” would be that the sales representative does not respect the quotas. An example of “for convenience” would be for the company to decide that it no longer wishes to use the representative`s services. In both scenarios, there should be a clear termination procedure and appropriate notification provisions. You may also want to introduce a non-compete clause that prevents the employee from working for a competitor until a reasonable period of time has elapsed.

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