Subject Verb Agreement Gmat Questions

09 Oct Subject Verb Agreement Gmat Questions

Collective names include places where people live (city, county, state, countryside, etc.); teams; businesses; organizations; armies; committees; clubs; political parties; luggage; collections; categories; assemblies; etc. When I say “France,” “IBM,” or “the United States Navy” or “the Greek Orthodox Church,” these are all categories that contain a large number of people, but all are singular nouns and therefore require both singular rejections and singular pronouns. People think of all the people within these categories and are tempted to use plural and plural pronouns: this is one of the favorite traps of the GMAT. The correct answer is the only one where all verbs in number correspond to their objects and in the present according to the structure of the sentence. The first of these constructions is the theme “X of Y”; The second is “one of X, the… “, X being synonymous with plural noun. . .

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